Monday, May 30, 2011

New release!

I have a new logo. It's completely different than anything I would have done but I think it's pretty genius. Check out the work of the guy who designed it for me, he is really talented. Links to his stuff and contact info is here, here and here!

To test out my new logo, I had to do a self portrait. Since I'm staying up in Rhode Island this week I thought I would revisit one of my favorite spots. I was going to completely re-create the shot from picture # 145 of my 365 project, but when I got there the sign had fallen. I think I still rocked it anyway. 

And here is my picture after the 365:

So this is roughly what it's going to look like on the shots I'll be posting, I'm still playing around with size and opacity. For an up close look at the logo itself check out the new banner Charles made. And please guys, give me your opinions! If you don't think it's me, please let me know. I'm moving towards building a website and I need to have a basic personal brand in place before it can be launched. Thanks! 


  1. Here is another pic, I posted it on flickr.

  2. too much drop shadow on the logo

  3. I really like it. And I LOVE your blog revamp!!
    I love it on this picture more

    It rocks!!!