Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Devo: Creativity Can Make a Big difference

This week the devotional book describes the story of Blake and TOMS. It's a great perspective, and really illustrated a creative way to help people in need.

1. What do you find inspiring about the story of TOMS shoes?

-That one man saw a need and did something about it. He took his vision and now has changed the world!

2. If you had seen the same barefoot children whom Blake saw in a third world country, how would you have responded? What do you think prevents us from coming up with creative, innovative solutions to touch people's lives?

-Well I like to think I definitely would have done SOMETHING, I'm honestly not to sure what I would do. I tend to work on an individual level, pouring in my time and love on a one to one basis.
-I'm pretty sure society a lot of times keeps us from thinking up creative solutions. Everyone dreams of traveling and making a difference, yet when someone actually goes out to do it... they get laughed at. That's discouraging. Earlier today I was reading a blog post of a girl who goes to my school. In it she specifies er ultimate goal and highlights a few ways she hopes to start. I started to shake my head, wondering why she didn't go about it another way. I had to stop myself. Who am I to think that she can't do something just because it's not what I would do? I have my own dream that I know people do not believe in. It's difficult.

3. It's a chart, filling out separately...

4. Does anything surprise you about this list of jobs? Why do you think the Bible includes these types of arts and crafts jobs?

-Not really. I love how God's glory can be shown in the strangest and littlest of ways. I think because God is so creative, that He has gifted amazing abilities to those who are inspired by His works.

5. Read Isaiah 64:8. Fill in the sentence below, using your name in the blanks.

-Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. Beth is the clay, you are the potter; Beth is...the work of you hand.

6. In what ways do you see yourself as the clay in the Potter's hands?

 -This is a confusing question... I guess with my attitude and spirit?

7. Read Genesis 2:7. Do you see any parallels between God as a potter and God creating humankind from the dirt? If so, explain. 

-Definitely. I think that God is very hands on and personal with everything He creates.

8. Think about your life right now. In what ways is God shaping you to look more like Him?

-I think right now He is taking me out of my comfort zone. My life feels like it is moving by way too fast, even though I'm slowing it down. And helping my grandmother out this week has really challenged me. Cooking, cleaning, and giving an injection daily is not living creatively, but it's so different from my norm that He is moving through it.

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