Monday, May 2, 2011

Film Festival!

Every spring semester, my major holds an advanced video class. The students of this class get divided into groups and are told they have to create a 15-25 minute film. This is a very stress-filled and trying class. But the experience you gain from it is just SO worth it. Anyway, today I went out to celebrate the finished product of three student films. It was so fun, and guess who was the professional photographer for the photoshoot before hand?! :)

Here are some fun shots all throughout the event!

Playing around on the Steps

Creating a Pyramid

Girl time!

And one of my favorites, "The Interview!"

I'm not going to lie, the lighting was really difficult today. Completing the 365 really helped in my training as a photographer, but I am not quite where I want to be yet. Hopefully they like the pictures when I hand them over. *Crosses fingers* 

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