Monday, May 16, 2011

New Devo; Discovering Joy in your Creativity.

My roommate Amy and I each bought a devotional book in a certain series. There are twelve weeks of study, and we are both going to do one each Monday until we are done and then switch on her birthday. I'm hoping by having to fill out the devo on here every Monday will help keep me accountable in doing it, though if it gets really personal I might switch to a paper journal. I'll just have to wait and see I guess!

Chapter One: Our Wildly Artistic God

1. Make a list of five of your favorite aspects of creation. What strikes you as beautiful in each one?
-The colors in nature.
It is so unfortunate that some people cannot see the full range of colors God has given. Orange is my favorite color... and it makes me happy. When someone specifically gives me something that is Orange they are acknowledging my uniqueness.
It's how we as people connect. The sound itself might not be the most beautiful, but typically the meaning behind it is.
So much of the world has a job to be done, whether it's as complex as an eco-system, a scavenger cleaning up roadkill, or simply providing something pretty to look at, I love that God has made a purpose for everything.
They are pretty. And you can see different animals in them. So clever!
Though fraught with danger, oceans are just to awesome to ignore. I want to go swim with wild Dolphins, how fun would that be?!

2. If we are not careful, we can take God's creativity for granted. Are there any aspects of nature that you tend to take for granted?
I know I used to take rain for granted. Then I went to Egypt for two months and would get happy at the sight of clouds. But they never brought rain. I think I also take for granted the peace that comes when listening to a babbling brook. Really random, I know, but it's what I thought of. Can't really explain it.

3. What activities help you take the time to stop and admire God's great creation? What prevents you from engaging in these activities more often?
I'd have to say writing. And hiking. Watching my cat cautiously walk out onto the balcony. I'm hoping to do a lot more of all three.

4. This is a chart question... I'll do this offline.

5. Re-read Genesis  1:27. Rewrite the phrase "in his own image" in the space below. How does it feel to know God made you in His likeness?
I think Ben Stein said it best when he rephrased this as, "the spark of the Divine." Maybe this is shrugging off the question, but it was a statement that struck me then and it stays with me now. And I guess... it makes me feel honored. Loved. etc.

6. Reread Genesis 2:203. Why do you think God created a day of rest?
Because He knew we would get ourselves all wound up and need one. We start thinking we are to important to be still, but really it's in that stillness when we really know that He is God.

7. Does being creative tend to energize or de-energize you?
It really depends. I love photography, and I want to always have a camera on me... but sometimes it can feel more like a chore especially when I feel treated like I am expected to be taking pictures. Maybe sometimes I just want to experience. This can apply to almost anything I think.

8. Do you ever feel closer to God when you are being creative? Explain.
Definitely. I feel like I am using my talents that He gave me, and that's something pretty special. I might not be the best at anything, but that doesn't matter to God. When I give Him the glory through my creativity there is no denying that bond.

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