Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ten Reasons to go to Bed before Ten

This is my current list. I hope to review and revise some more, and then attempt to be all artsy and design something in InDesign. I'm a crap designer, but it will be a fun challenge. And hopefully through doing it I will ingrain these reasons into my head.

1. Discipline begets Discipline

2. To be well-rested for the next day

3. To make it possible to start the day off with Jesus

4. Because temptation is great in the dark of the night

5. It is more fun to take pictures when the sun is rising than when the sun has gone

6. Weight is more manageable and skin practically glows

7. Family time is easier to schedule

8. To Encourage Simplicity

9. More ability to focus

10. Time to Detox from the internet.

What do you think, good enough reasons? Is there anything you would add or switch out?


  1. healthier! I like this list =) I would buy a copy of that print!

  2. Thanks girl! I'll send you one when it's done! Which at my pace... could be a month from now. *facepalm