Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reading IS important!

It feels like every blog I go to now is talking about reading. Books are being listed on facebook, on twitter, in my magazines and more. Seriously, everywhere my eyes goes someone is talking about reading books. Books have shaped my life, they are part of the glue that binds me and my parents from the all times they read to me before I could do it myself--Books-- well, they were my friends when I barely had any.

I clearly remember being given THREE detentions in school because I was continuously caught reading books at my desk. When I got in trouble at home, I was grounded from reading (and also TV, that made for a boring day). I snuck in more reading than kids do texting these days. Well, ok, that's probably not true. Have you seen the little fiends?!?

Back to reading. Our public libraries need help. While I am SUPER excited they are going to be able to lend out digital copies of books soon, I would still HATE to see all those books fall into disarray or worse, disappear all together. Literacy is one of the driving forces that allows communities to pull themselves out of poverty. Literacy opens minds and informs those who seek it. Much is to be said about the importance of literacy, but here, watch the funny video, and read some books!

And I hope to create my own list soon. I am still sick with a cold, so I am going to bed early. I will add a link when it's done!

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