Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An accidental day off

So instead of just taking one day off, I accidentally took two. Turns out I had scheduled three people for two locations on Tuesday, and since I made the mistake I (graciously) bowed out. And it worked out well, because I finally finished unpacking my room (well, almost, it's 90%) and ran a lot of errands. But yet I still didn't have time for everything! Geez! Anyway...

Summer Project Picture # 4!
Yes, it is insanely dusty there. I guess I could wear tennis shoes, but I like for my feet to breathe! And get some Vitamin D.

Lastly, over the weekend I went to my great-aunt's 100th birthday party. I still haven't really taken the time to go through my pictures yet, but I can't wait to post my favorites! She is one of the cutest centurions ever (along with my other great-aunt who is 101)!

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