Sunday, January 1, 2012

Moving forward - 2012

Yay! I'm writing a blog post! It's been awhile. Just had to take time and not worry about keeping that deadline. I think if I hadn't been trying to do so much in my community and research each nonprofit on top of that it would have been fine. But I was starting to feel some burn out, and decided it was for the best. I might do weekly nonprofit profiles on here though, how would you feel about that?

Anyway, I suppose now I should go into a new year list... well... I hope to write a lot more in 2012. I hope to move away from reading so much online (I'm constantly researching and reading interesting articles), and to actually create more. I hope to make it a practice of not getting online at all on Sundays (except for what I need to do for my job as a social media coordinator...) and be outdoors. I also started an outline for a new feature-length script.

Most of what I plan to do this year I have not considered "Resolutions," because I hope to cultivate lifestyle changes instead of radical goals. If I had to write out a list of goals though...

1. Finish my 2nd feature-length script. I've broken it down into a certain amount of pages per month.

2. Learn/relearn a language. I will be using, and I am currently signed up to learn Arabic. The problem is I want to learn how to speak it... and I've only been able to find it for writing. So maybe I'll switch to Spanish. Both would be helpful for me to know.

3. Completely organize my picture and video files. ESPECIALLY my family and client pictures. This has to happen anyway since I am getting hired more and more for shoots.

4. Taking care of my body through diet and exercise. I just watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on hulu. Wow it is eye-opening and inspiring.

I will probably continue to use this blog for nonprofits and random posts here and there. But moving forward I will be mainly using my new website, Not sure what it is going to evolve into, but I'm very excited and it has a LOT of potential! I am also starting a daily documentation project that won't be as time-consuming as my 365 self portrait project. I hope to take a picture everyday, to document aspects of my life and to celebrate that this is a 366 year! ;P

Here is from the first day, I'll sign off with this!

If you want to follow my new blogging spot, go to, though I'm not sure if the RSS feed is properly working yet! I'll have it much more polished by the end of the week. *Crosses fingers and hopes...*


  1. What a CUTEEE picture.
    Saved your new blog site.

    Looks like you are going to have a busy year girlie :)

    p.s you are wonderful

  2. YAY! Thanks Carolynn! I love how supportive you are! It's going to be SO weird switching to a new site, but I think it needed to be done. It's time.

    And I am going to be sooooooo busy. :( But it'll be worth it. I hope.

    P.s., you are even more wonderful. :)