Friday, July 15, 2011

Progressing on

Wow what a whirlwind life can be. Today while I was working the other stand, I was constantly doing something. Stocking, or reading... or talking on the phone. Today was a big day, and I am so grateful for it.

While today was not my last day at the produce stand, it kind of felt like it. I received a job offer and I accepted! I will start this month, which is unbelievable to me as it was this same month I submitted my application. Funny how I wasn't even looking for a job, but God orchestrated so much of my life this month that I can't deny it was Him. I do not know if He placed me there for more my benefit or the company I will be working for, but I very excited to start this new journey of my life.

Warm Endings and empty shelves :)

*Huge shout-out to my cousin Ryan for sending me the job description, and to his wife Amy for giving great interview and dress advice. 

*I also want to thank my AMAZING references who literally told this company to hire me. I am so grateful for them and the confidence they have in me. 

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