Friday, July 8, 2011

My best friend at the stand

Since I mostly work by myself and am to afraid to bring my laptop out, I have plenty of time to do what I wished I could have over the school year. And that is just read a straight up book.

I read everyday articles and blogs posts, but rarely did I take the time to read through a novel or something published that was more than 10,000 words. Now I've read through 3 fiction novels, 5 magazines, several "mini-guides," and am currently reading through Seth Godin's "Lynchpin." All of this (well, minus the magazines) was because of....

I started browsing at the stand and found a book I REALLY want to buy. Maybe if I get a new job I will... well, it is only ten bucks. I shouldn't be such a cheapskate. We shall see! :)

*Highly recommend getting a kindle/nook/etc. E-readers are super convenient. And you can still highlight and take notes on what you are reading. Pretty nifty!

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