Monday, November 23, 2009

Things are getting difficult.

I looked up the cost of a basic ticket round trip to the Philippines and back today. Cheapest I could find is $1360, with a 22 hour flight time. Wow. But I'll look around, see what kind of better deals I can find. I really hope I don't end up spending two full days on a plane just because I went super cheap. And on other news, when I looked up flight costs I also looked up news on the Philippines. When this article popped up my heart sank.
This knowledge does not scare me, in any case I'm pretty sure I won't even be near an area facing these dangers. But it is a serious event, and my heart definitely goes out to those families affected. And knowing my family, this is something that could completely shut down my already slim chances of going. I've have decided that it's not in my hands, so I will just move on to what I need to get done to go on this trip.

In other news, I went in to my old middle school with my younger sister today. My mom is a band director who is teaching her kids how to march for the Christmas Parade. Both my sister and I have been active members of Marching Band for 5+ years. She only had the color guard today, we are both going back to help the entire (145) band at nine o'clock in the morning. For college students on break, this is going to be a feat. But today, it was really quite fun to go in and help some young spinners. I'm going on my 8th year of color guard, so trying to help kids who are just learning was very humbling. I couldn't believe how these kids were twisting simple moves so much, but then I would remember how I had to learn just like them when I was in early high school.
We were stuck inside for the practice, so I couldn't really do to much in cafeteria without hitting the ceiling, but half-way through the kids started asking if I could show them some moves. Of course I showed-off, and had a lot of fun. But then had to deal with all 16 or so kids trying to mimic the moves I was doing. Pretty interesting results. Well, this is all for today, really looking forward to tomorrow!

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  1. If the link doesn't work for you, it's up on the wall street journal. In any case, and recent news about the Philippines that you read will probably be about what I was linking.