Sunday, November 22, 2009

New directions

Alright. Well, a lot of things have happened since my last post. My internship to Prague closed, so I am not going. :( The only other option was going to India for four months. I would have gone with no hesitations, but my parents flat out said I cannot go. So my goal now is to do my internship over the summer.
I discovered this one internship being offered in the Philippines, where I would essentially work with a ministry team who do all kinds of street evangelism in the city. I would video tape them working and photograph the people in their culture. And from my understanding, I would be in charge of all the media that goes through their website. It is a really good opportunity and I have been wanting to go to the Philippines since this past summer. Though once again, I'm going up against some tough opposition at home. If I can't go on this project, then I am going to have to pull the plug on going abroad. It is really frustrating, because after I graduate I plan on going around the world, visiting as many countries as I can throughout my lifetime. I am trying so hard to respect where my parents are coming from and to follow their rules while I am living under their roof. But God has put people on my heart. And while America will always be my home, I do feel called to go out and be a witness to the rest of the world.
I think that right now, they think that this urge to travel is just a passing faze, that I won't continue with this for the rest of my life. I feel like that is probably why I do have to almost fight to do this work for God. We shall see where I end up this summer, but no matter what happens, I won't let earthly things get in my way. God still has a plan, and even if I don't end up going out of the country for an internship, it will only work out for the better.

One last thing before I am done with this post. Because so much of my internship is up in the air right now, I've decided to branch out and not just make this blog about chronicling my internship experiences, but a blog to challenge myself. Lately at school I have been so overwhelmed with schoolwork and projects that I have been neglecting a lot of things. Including growing daily in the Word of God. Hopefully concentrating on something other than myself (even though I am talking about myself on here, ha ha) and schoolwork will help me overcome some personal demons and live life the way God intended it to be lived.

Whew. I am done for today, but I really hope to be back on here tomorrow. These next couple of days should be really interesting as Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm relaxing at home. The family is coming to my house for the big Turkey Day, so I know that my sister and I will be cleaning up a storm this week.

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