Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's way past my bedtime. Seriously I need to work on getting to bed earlier. Thankfully it's fun Friday at work tomorrow and dress is casual! So I can sleep in a little bit more... :)

I wasn't going to post anything tonight, but then I realized just how long it's been. Suddenly I was overcome with the need to post! I'm also working on the details of another project to work through on this blog. It's not as photography related as my 365, but it's going to be grueling in the best way possible. And will involve lots of art, hopefully... Current plan is to reveal it by September 1st. I've got a lot to do before then! And a lot of it will be work related, which doubly makes me happy.

Anyway, here is one of my favorite images I captured from a wedding last weekend. I worked for Devin Olson Media, who is one of my closest friends and a very talented person. Check out his website if you have any video needs.

Shoes and Whiskey!

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