Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Prologue

Ok, so I have to be honest. The title of my first blog post is stolen from the title of my pastor's sermon series he is doing this semester. But this title describes so perfectly my life right now. Here I am, working on all the details to get my internship needed to graduate. My internship right now is going to be through LU Abroad, which works with organizations like the International Missions Board, to help students not only get the required credits, but really make a difference in peoples lives while doing it.
Right now, all I have done is tell people I am going. So in the first blog post, I am listing out everything on my checklist I have to do before I can officially leave in January. Every time I get close to my goal or God reveals so much of Himself to me I can't help but have to write, I will be updating this blog. I'm really looking forward to sharing my prologue. The journey I will be on just to get to the beginning.

My Checklist:
  1. Contact home church about fundraising.
  2. Pick where I want to go and what I'll do!
  3. Meet with my professional advisor (aka, guidance consular for college)
  4. Sign up for Missions meeting if possible.
In just a few short months I could be on my way literally following God to the ends of the Earth! Not only am I passionate about producing quality videos that don't follow the trends of this world, but also forming personal relationships with all kinds of people. My plan through this journey is to fuse these together. My last words of this post:
Don't skip the Prologue. This is the moment to really live like you mean it.

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